Introducing the Brezza Loudspeaker…


Conceptualized and designed with Ryan Scott and Pete Schumacher of Vapor Audio, the Brezzas are built to bring exceptional quality and value to the more boutique audio markets. Our techniques, designs, and unique building materials give our loudspeakers an edge over the competition and produce an authentic listening experience. We do not over-hype or oversell our loudspeakers, we simply encourage you to listen for yourself and let your ears be your guide.

Additionally, our enclosures are manufactured in Paducah, Kentucky, right in the center of America’s heartland, by highly skilled Kentucky carpenters. Every one of our loudspeakers is hand-assembled and tested for quality assurance before it entering the field.


The Brezza Forte

In Collaboration with Ryan Scott and Pete Schumacher of Vapor Audio, the Brezza Forte is a 3-way design that embraces the delicate details inherent to the Savants, while achieving full range performance. The RAAL 70-20XR tweeter blends seamlessly with our custom engineered SEAS 7” reed cone midrange, and is supported by matching dual 7” reed cone woofers.  Each woofer is placed in a dedicated tapered transmission line for maximum efficiency and clarity.

The entire interior is coated with Vapor Audio’s inversion layer technology making panel resonances essentially nonexistent. Each cabinet weighs 130 pounds and stands 52 inches tall with a reigning acrylic resin baffle and top. Synthetic solids are dense, and their non-porous nature help to crystallize the sound-stage. Ryan Scott personally voiced the Forte to express a lively sound-stage that creates colorful images and delivers a truly engaging listening experience.

The RAAL 70-20XR true ribbon tweeter is manufactured in Zajecar, Serbia by Aleksandar Radisavljević. Being a true ribbon, RAALs are known for their speed and ability to cast intricate images across the stage with unmatched precision. Recessed and time-aligned, our 70-20XR is an absolute performer capable of truly intimate expressions.

Our custom SEAS 7” reed cone midranges seamlessly blend the RAALs with their supporting SEAS woofers. The dual 7” reed cone woofers are housed in a mirrored, tapered transmission line enclosure and each woofer has a dedicated chamber for optimal control.



MSRP: $15,995
3-way mirrored tapered transmission line
Tweeters: RAAL 70-20XR true ribbon
Woofers: Custom engineered 7” SEAS reed cone midrange with matching dual 7” SEAS woofers
Nominal Impedance: 4ohm
Frequency Response: 39Hz-25kHz +/- 3dB
Recommended Power: 75-150 watts per channel
Dimensions: 52” x 18” x 21” Weight: 130 lbs (Each).



Baffles: Time-Aligned, pure acrylic resin baffle chosen for its extreme stiffness, rigidity, and density.
Enclosures: Ultra-refined MDF with Cherry or Walnut veneer. duel-mirrored transmission line.
Connectivity and Wiring: WBT Nextgen Binding Posts. Wired internally using Supra Cable.

The Brezza Savant

In collaboration with Ryan Scott and Peter Schumacher of Vapor Audio, the Brezza Savants are designed to be lively, focused, and involving. Every aspect has been precision engineered to express an intimate sound-stage; effortlessly capturing the immediacy and raw emotion of a live performance.  We custom engineered our 6” SEAS woofers to blend seamlessly with the RAAL 64-10 true ribbon tweeter, and integrated them into a slot loaded, 10:1 tapered transmission line. We then utilize a time-aligned, 100% acrylic resin baffle to provide our woofers with an extremely dense and rigid material to eliminate proxemic vibrations and further crystallize the sound-stage.




Suggested Retail: $6,995
Tweeter: RAAL 64-10 True Ribbon Tweeter
Woofers: Custom SEAS (Vehement Audio exclusive) reed-paper cone 6”
Cabinet tuning: Slot loaded 10:1 tapered transmission line, tuned to 45hz
Frequency response: 45 – 25,000 +/-2db
Impedance/Sensitivity: 8 ohms / 88.5db
Dimensions: 42” (H) x 10” (D) x 8″ (W) Weight:  55 Pounds
Crossover Details: 2.5-way parallel network with a 4th order Linkwitz-Riley Acoustic. Crossed at 3000hz, slope adjustment at 400hz.



Baffles: Time-Aligned, pure acrylic resin baffle chosen for its extreme stiffness, rigidity, and density.
Enclosures: Ultra-refined MDF with Cherry or Walnut veneer. 10:1 slot loaded tapered transmission line
Connectivity and Wiring: WBT-0703CU Nextgen Binding Posts. Wired internally using Supra Cable
Standard Crossover Features: Claritycap-CSA capacitors are used in tweeter networks. Claritycap-ESA capacitors are used in woofer networks. All hand soldered using Cardas Silver Solder




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Warranty Information

All products come with a 5 year limited warranty on parts, components, and construction. We stand behind our products and work diligently to ensure your loudspeakers are well taken care of. However, we do not cover driver issues caused by user abuse. If something goes wrong with a unit, we want to know about it and will do everything in our power to help make it right. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you ever have any issues with your Vehement Audio loudspeakers, and we will coordinate our efforts with your local dealer to help you receive the best customer service possible.

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