The Brezza Savant

In collaboration with Ryan Scott and Peter Schumacher of Vapor Audio, the Brezza Savants are designed to be lively, focused, and involving. Every aspect has been precision engineered to express an intimate sound-stage; effortlessly capturing the immediacy and raw emotion of a live performance.  We custom engineered our 6” SEAS woofers to blend seamlessly with the RAAL 64-10 true ribbon tweeter, and integrated them into a slot loaded, 10:1 tapered transmission line. We then utilize a time-aligned, 100% acrylic resin baffle to provide our woofers with an extremely dense and rigid material to eliminate proxemic vibrations and further crystallize the sound-stage.



Suggested Retail: $6,995
Tweeter: RAAL 64-10 True Ribbon Tweeter
Woofers: Custom SEAS (Vehement Audio exclusive) reed-paper cone 6”
Cabinet tuning: Slot loaded 10:1 tapered transmission line, tuned to 45hz
Frequency response: 45 – 25,000 +/-2db
Impedance/Sensitivity: 8 ohms / 88.5db
Dimensions: 42” (H) x 10” (D) x 8″ (W) Weight:  55 Pounds
Crossover Details: 2.5-way parallel network with a 4th order Linkwitz-Riley Acoustic. Crossed at 3000hz, slope adjustment at 400hz.


Baffles: Time-Aligned, pure acrylic resin baffle chosen for its extreme stiffness, rigidity, and density.
Enclosures: Ultra-refined MDF with Cherry or Walnut veneer. 10:1 slot loaded tapered transmission line
Connectivity and Wiring: WBT-0703CU Nextgen Binding Posts. Wired internally using Supra Cable
Standard Crossover Features: Claritycap-CSA capacitors are used in tweeter networks. Claritycap-ESA capacitors are used in woofer networks. All hand soldered using Cardas Silver Solder.

Additional Press and News


“Reynolds said Vehement’s goal was to create a speaker capable of creating intimate imaging, while still offering full-range performance. If my show demo is any indication, the designers have achieved much of what they sought.”

“Overall, the loudspeaker’s time-aligned ribbon tweeter, solid-surface baffle and imposing 130-pound weight (each) seemed to project a deep soundstage, low distortion and a cohesive aural image. Reynolds and Bohannon say more speakers are coming, including a smaller model called the Brezza Savant. With their first effort, though, Vehement certainly is off to a good start.”


John Stancavage

Contributing Editor, Part-Time Audiophile

“You’ve got to admit that naming a company the Vehement Audio Group, LLC is a risky proposition. Even scarier might be naming your loudspeaker model the Brezza Forte ($15,995/pair). But rather than the speakers shouting at me or blowing me away with triple !!! sound, they delivered Virgil Fox on organ in quite a musical manner.”


Jason Victor Serinus

Contributing Writer, Stereophile Magazine

Ah, youth! The $6985 Vehement Audio Brezza Savant floorstander was presented by [Vehement’s leadership team at #RMAF2017]. High frequencies were handled by a RAAL 64-10 True Ribbon Tweeter and below are two custom-made SEAS 6″ woofers. The transmission line cabinet produces a +/- 2db point of 45Hz. What I heard seemed predictive of the best kind of long-term listenability.


Andrew Quint

Contributing Writer, The Absolute Sound

“…while hearing Damien Rice sing “The Professor * la Fille Danse” from the album B-Sides, I had one of those cliché super audiophile moments where I felt so intimately close to Damien’s voice, hearing his every breath and quiver.”


Jana Dagdagan

Editorial Assistant , Stereophile

Zachary Bohannon

(270) 994 –1440

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All products come with a 5 year limited warranty on parts, components, and construction. We stand behind our products and work diligently to ensure your loudspeakers are well taken care of. However, we do not cover driver issues caused by user abuse. If something goes wrong with a unit, we want to know about it and will do everything in our power to help make it right. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you ever have any issues with your Vehement Audio loudspeakers, and we will coordinate our efforts with your local dealer to help you receive the best customer service possible.

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