Brezza EOS




The Brezza EOS are uncompromising in sound quality and value. It may be the smallest player in the Brezza lineup, but don’t be fooled. Just like dynamite we’ve packed big sound into a small package. Forgoing our traditional tapered transmission line designs, we simplified the interior of the cabinet by combining our signature inversion layer technology with a traditional 2” diameter rear ported enclosure. The high performance of our custom engineered OEM 6” class SEAS woofer in partnership with the RAAL 64-10 true ribbon tweeter is a match made in heaven.


MSRP: $1,995
 2-way rear ported bookshelf monitor.
Tweeters: RAAL 64-10 true ribbon.
Woofers: Custom engineered OEM 6” class SEAS reed cone woofer.
Nominal Impedance: 8ohm.
Frequency Response: 55Hz-25kHz +/- 3dB.
Recommended Power: 50-150 watts per channel.
Dimensions: 14” x 9” x 13” Weight: 30 lbs (Each).

Pure acrylic resin baffle chosen for its extreme stiffness, rigidity, and density.
Enclosures: Curved 2-way monitor, Signature Inversion Layer, and 2” diameter rear port.
Connectivity and Wiring: Cardas Binding Posts. Wired internally using Supra Cable.

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs
Dimensions 16 x 12 x 16 in